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A Day in the Life of LSP Customer Service Featured

Friday, 27 March 2015 12:35 Written by 

They never know what they are going to get!

All kidding aside, when you work for a quality power solution provider like LifeSafety Power, headquartered in Mundelein, Ill., there won’t be many dire emergency calls coming in on a daily basis. But when customers do call for assistance, there’s a good chance they’ll be greeted by the friendly voices of Customer Service Representatives Damien January or April Tudor.

Customer service representative’s roles can vary greatly depending on the day. They may handle an integrator question about which modular part would be best for a certain specification. They may also suggest add-ons or products that might be suited for a vertical market or customer – such as the Multi-Site Manager (MSM-200) which intelligently networks power solutions across the enterprise. But whatever questions or queries comes in, Damien and April are equipped with answers and handle all calls in a courteous and efficient manner – because they know systems integrators are busy contractors who need their expert guidance and help as quickly as possible.

Damien January has been with LifeSafety Power, coincidentally, since January 2014. He says that generally he doesn’t receive any calls that stump him or are particularly unusual – except one customer who requested that Jay Cutler be cut from the Chicago Bears!

Damien January Life Safety Power 2

 “Most of the questions that come in are pretty standard and easy to handle,” he says. In addition to fielding calls and entering orders, he also assists      with packing orders for shipment. Once orders are entered they are verified before heading to production. “Since I’m fairly new to the company, I’m  really interested in learning more about the product and also helping out with production so I have more of an idea of the overall process.”

 April Tudor’s role mirrors that of Damien’s. She answers customer inquiries by email or phone, enters orders and also assists with production from time  to time. April has been with the company since, interestingly enough again, April 2014, and she “takes pride in her work each and every day.”

April Tudor LifeSafety Power2

 While Damien and April are ready, willing and able to assist, the LifeSafety Power website is also chock full of information to help  integrators with their specification particulars. There’s a FAQ section, Application Notes, Power Calculators and  Software/Firmware Downloads. And don’t forget the LifeSafety Power PowerPro TV Video Training for a ‘live’ look at how to make your power solutions more effective, along with other need-to-know tips and tactics.

But of course, if you really want to get to know LifeSafety Power and its friendly and receptive culture, be sure to reach out to Damien or April.

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