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Integrators Ask & LSP Responds Featured

Friday, 15 July 2016 16:03 Written by 
The FlexPower BCLASS (Brivo) solution The FlexPower BCLASS (Brivo) solution


Brivo partnership broadens installation specs

LifeSafety Power® works closely with the integration community to best serve their networked power needs. Recently, we responded to the growing Brivo Inc. cloud computing community by providing the seamless, mechanical integration of power and access control hardware in a single solution with the Brivo Integrated Power Supply.

Integrated Brivo Power supplies bring new efficiencies to the installation community, with easier deployment and wiring, and that means less time in the field and higher profit margins. With the FlexPower® Unified Power Solutions BCLASS™ (Brivo) enclosure integrators can easily add value to end-user specifications with the complete mechanical integration of power, access controller boards and optional lock power for 4-, 8-, and 16-door Brivo systems in single and dual voltage. In addition, with our patented and industry leading remote networking capabilities, system solution providers can easily add managed services with optional NetLink™ Network Communications Modules.

Other BCLASS efficiencies include:

  • One AC drop minimizes wall space, streamlines installation and reduces time and labor costs.
  • FlexPower’s modularity yields unlimited system configurations and specification possibilities.
  • Factory pre-wired section saves configuration time and removable back plate simplifies controller wiring.
  • Spacious enclosure includes ample room for additional output distribution or remote monitoring and managed services with NetLink.

LifeSafety Power is a perpetual innovator of the category with a fine-focus on meeting integrator needs, yielding solutions that move power succinctly into the area of networking capabilities and managed services.

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