LifeSafety Power is at ISC West 2017 in Las Vegas April 5-7 at booth 5097. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see, as we continue to innovate the power category and bring it into a new era of predictive analytics and smart system monitoring:


  • LifeSafety Power continues to solidify its partnership with global controller hardware leader Mercury Security, bringing to market a new native firmware integration that effectively connects intelligent power management analytics to leading software manufacturers through Authentic Mercury Security hardware. Read more here:
  • Continuing the Mercury partnership theme, LifeSafety Power has released the new Unified Wired™ Mercury systems. Engineered for easy system set up and configuration, Unified Wired systems pre-wires all lock and system power connections to Authentic Mercury Security terminal strips for quick set up and deployment. Unified Wired systems direct-connect to controllers for reliable panel connection and come in our award-winning modular design for 4-, 8-, or 16-door configurations. Read more here:
  • NetLink V8 and the PowerCom® System Manager offers smart monitoring, reporting and management for connected power solutions. NetLink™ Communications Modules now feature groundbreaking and patented battery management that gives integrators and users predictive tools to automatically manage power solutions and receive alerts in advance of a potential issue for predictive reporting.

Stop by the booth for a demonstration and to see all the continuing innovation that makes LifeSafety Power the highest performing intelligent product and solution provider in the market. If you aren’t attending the show, call LifeSafety Power at 1-888-577-2898 for more information.

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