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The Perfect Power Solution for Every Customer Featured

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LifeSafety Power provides modular, smarter power solutions.You can pick and choose among our myriad possible model number combinations – which provides the ultimate flexibility for all your customers and their systems. This way, you can custom design just the right product output, enclosures or other particulars that match the job or the specification. What a great value-add for you the integrator and a way to differentiate your solutions in the field.

The FlexPower® power management systems include several standard features, but you build it from there. This modularity allows for many custom configurations: from simple, single or dual voltage power distribution to more sophisticated solutions with three or more voltages or a combination of AC and DC power and more. 

LifeSafety Power’s solutions are leaders in world-class innovation: our network-connected devices give you and your user remote connectivity and control so you’re always on top of power operation status – even across a large enterprise infrastructure with multiple, disparate buildings.

The modularity and capabilities of our products means you can’t always find a particular model or datasheet on our website – that’s because we leave it to you to match the specification of your job to the capabilities of our products. Your customer gets what they need to satisfy all their power needs.

LifeSafety Power’s award-winning solutions are based on exclusive, patented technologies for the most intelligent and reliable power delivered to security, access control, fire systems, mass notification and CCTV.

For network-managed, expandable and redundant power solutions, always turn to LifeSafety Power. For additional help, we have technical training videos, downloads and our latest, 2015 catalog online now. Remember, these are standard configurations from which you can build on to create just the right smarter power solution. Technical support is always ready to assist!

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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 13:58

Building a FlexPower Model Number Featured

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Building or decoding a model number for a FlexPower system can be intimidating at first, but once you understand the components of the model number, you will be building customized model numbers in no time. 


Building an FPO Model Number

To start this discussion, we will use the following example model number:


FlexPower model numbers are broken into two sections.  Every FlexPower model number starts with the main power source(s) - in the above example, this would be the "FPO75/150".  This denotes a dual voltage system using an FPO75 and an FPO150 for the power sources.  In a single voltage system using an FPO150, this would be simply "FPO150" without the slash.  Up to three FPO power supplies may be configured into one model number (FPO75/150/150).  FPO power supplies are always represented in the model number in order from smallest to largest.

After the hyphen are any accessory boards and the enclosure size.  In the example model number above, there are a total of four accessory boards.  A C8 board, two D8P boards, and an NL2 board.  Accessory boards are always listed in alphanumeric order (i.e. B100 before C4, C4 before C8, C8 before M8, etc.).  Quantities are added to the accessory board only when the quantity is greater than 1.  So the single NL2 is shown simply as "NL2" while the two D8P boards are shown as "2D8P".

The enclosure size comes at the end of the model number and is shown as E___.  In the example above, the E4M1 M-Class enclosure is being used.

Building an FPA Model Number


This model number breaks down to an FPA150A AC power source, two A8 fused distribution boards, and an E1 enclosure.  Multiple FPA300A power sources can be combined in the model number to become FPA600A or FPA900A.

Building an FPX Model Number


The FPX system combines AC and DC power in a single enclosure.  The AC power source(s) are always listed first in an FPX model number, followed by the FPO power source(s).  AC Power sources in the model number are appended with an "A", so a "150A" is an FPA150A and a "150" is an FPO150.  This example includes the FPA300A AC source, an FPO75, and an FPO150.  It has a single A8 AC distribution board, a C8 lock control board, and two D8 auxiliary output boards.  This is all housed in an E4 enclosure.

Those are the basics of building FPO, FPA, or FPX model numbers.  A visual guide to building model numbers is also available HERE.  And remember - if this is all still a little too much to take in, our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is always here to help you build any model number you may need.

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Friday, 30 January 2015 13:48

Meet Joe Holland, Vice President of Engineering Featured

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What’s behind our successes, five industry awards and stellar growth curve since the company’s founding in 2009? Our team members, of course.
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Joseph M. Holland is LifeSafety Power’s Vice President of Engineering. Joe has more than 40 years of engineering, marketing and management experience in the life safety industry. He’s the former Chief Engineer of Fire Control Instruments, where he was responsible for product line development. He co-founded AlarmSaf Inc. where he oversaw all product development and manufacturing and was responsible for many ground-breaking innovations.
He’s a long-time member of both NFPA and IEEE and has been a contributing instructor of CEU-accredited course work in the area of life safety power for more than 35 years. 
Today, Joe continues to lead LifeSafety Power in its achievement of Smarter Power Solutions. He is the chief architect of all LifeSafety Power Products, including the FlexPower™ Power Management System, which incorporates many industry-leading advancements applicable to the access control, security, CCTV and mass notification industries.
His goal is to provide the guidance and drive necessary to establish LifeSafety Power as the premier power supply manufacturer in the industry.
In his spare time, he enjoys spending time at his log home in New Hampshire, kayaking with the grandkids, bicycle riding and home repair.
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 16:15

Welcome to the LSP Blog Featured

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Smarter Power Solutions courtesy LifeSafetyPower

At LifeSafety Power, we're committed to helping the industry make better educated decisions about power for access control, security, fire systems, mass notification and CCTV systems.  So we're launching this blog site - with the goal of engaging and educating readers on the latest innovation in power solutions.

Some of the planned topics include new product announcements; insights and technical information on specifications; the company, our leaders and our expertise; and frequently asked questions or need-to-know tidbits.

Watch for the launch, and follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to find out more.

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