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PowerProTV is LifeSafety Power's YouTube channel featuring training, instruction, and sales videos related to LifeSafety Power products.

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  • In-depth Training

  • Quick Instruction

System-Level Training
In Depth Access Control With LSP ProductsAccess Control with LSP Products TutorialThe basics of wiring an LSP power system to an access control system.12:20English

Power Supply Board Training
In Depth FPO Gen 2 Power SuppliesFPO Generation 2 Power Supply TutorialAn in-depth look at the Generation 2 FPO Power Supply11:37English
In Depth FPO FAI TutorialFPO FAI TutorialWiring and using the FPO power supply's Fire Alarm Input7:09English
In Depth B100 DC DC ConverterB100 DC to DC Converter TutorialHow and when to use a B100 secondary power supply4:43English

Distribution & Lock Control Board Training
In Depth D8 Power DistributionD8 Power Distribution Board TutorialWiring and using a D8 auxiliary output board3:06English
In Depth C8 Lock ControlC4-C8 Lock Control Board TutorialWiring, using, and setting the jumpers on a C8 lock control module7:53


In Depth F8 Egress DistributionF8 Egress Power Distribution Board TutorialWiring and using an F8 egress output distribution module3:21English
Network & Managed Output Board Training
In Depth NL4 Network ModuleNL4/NLX Network Communications Board TutorialWiring, programming, and using the NL4 or NLX network management module26:05English
In Depth M8 Managed OutputsM8 Managed Output Board TutorialWiring, using, and programming the M8 network managed output board9:45English
In Depth MSM EnterpriseMSM Enterprise OverviewFeatures and functions of the MSM Enterprise software5:44English


Power Supply Board Instructions
Quick Instruction FPO BasicsFPO BasicsSupplemental video instructions on the FPO Power Supply.1:27English