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Cyber-secure Network Communication Modules
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DataLink Communication
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Model # Device Support Voltage Meter Current Meter Event
On/Off Control Batteries Managed
NL2 2 1 1 1 2 1
NL4 4 1 2 1 2 2
NLR       1 2  

NetLink is a growing family of patented network communication modules from LifeSafety Power that monitor and control LSP's access and security systems over a local or wide area network.

NetLink continuously monitors and reports the health and status of the host power supply and battery set allowing many service functions to be done remotely, reducing the cost and time of on site servicing, or the danger in working restricted areas.

Automated reports may be generated on any detected fault condition, fire alarm input activation, event activation, battery aging condition, or on a time base for scheduled confirmation of proper operation. A time and date stamped log of the past 100 ebents is kept as history in a buffer and can be accessed as a scheduled report, or immediately on an alert or occurrence.

In addition to multiple SPI ports for connection to FlexPower equipment, the NL2 and NL4 modules provide a current sensor input(s), a remote temperature sensor input, a volt meter input, and a contact monitor input. The contact monitor input can be programmed to respond to either a normally open or normally closed contact or voltage presence or loss.

Two outputs are also provided for use in power cycling extemal equiment with a LifeSafety Power relay module or interfacing to the C8 or M8 distribution modules.

The NLR kit can be used in AC systems to remotely power cycle cameras or any other AC powered device.

Learn more about the NetLink product family here

Alerts & Reports
Power Supply output voltage AC fault delay AC fault occurrence
AC fault status System fault delay System fault occurrence
System fault status System install date FAI activation occurrrence
Fire alarm input status Reset fault counters Low battery occurrence
Battery voltage Optimal charging current Battery load test comepleted
Battery charge current Reset battery age counter General system status report
Battery age Battery replacement period Scheduled service due alert
System fault count   Battery replacement due alert
AC fault count Control Functions  Event activation (user specified)
DC current (via current input) Output 1 (on or off)  
DC voltage (via voltage input) Output 2 (on or off)  
Event 1 (user specified)    
  Test Functions   
  Battery load, w/ system as load  
  Battery state  

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Tools & Software

Excel spreadsheets designed by the LifeSafety Power technical department to aid the installer in required calculations and example configurations of LifeSafety Power equipment when used in commonly found system applications.