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DC Power Supply / Chargers

120 or 230VAC input
75W / 150W / 250W power rating
12 or 24V DC output - UL / cUL / CE
Network interface for remote monitoring

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Model # Current / Voltage Total Power Battery Charging
FPO75 6A/12V or 3A/24V 75W 40Ah
FPO150 12A/12V or 6A/24V 150W 80Ah
FPO250 20A/12V or 10A/24V 250W 80Ah


  • 120 or 230VAC input
  • Simple field selectable switch sets either 12 or 24V DC output
  • Full power level available on either 12 or 24V DC output
  • FlexConnect system minimizes installation labor by using board buss structure to eliminate accessory board interwiring


  • Increased functionality via optional expansion boards that can be added in any combination, at the factory or in the field, while retaining Agency listing

Expansion boards include:

  • Simple distribution, FAI controlled distribution
  • Power control module, NAC expander module
  • Secondary voltage power supplies
  • Network communication module(s)
  • Network managed distribution

The FPO family of switch mode power supplies incorporates the advanced FlexPower feature set, two user outputs, 12V or 24VDC user selectability, Fire Alarm Interface function, on board programmable battery charger, fault detection reporting, and network monitoring and programming capability of battery, power, and fault status.

Product highlights

  • Listed for Intrusion and Access Control
  • DC1 and DC2 output - DC2 switched output programmable for fail-safe or fail secure operation via the FAI/Access control input
  • Flexible FAI/Access control input with optional latching feature for Canadian installations
  • Full fault detection, including earth ground detection and battery presence detection
  • DataLink connection provides accurate data log of battery usage for proper replacement service
  • Network interface for remote monitoring with optional NetLink module
  • Accepts a 120 or 230 VAC nominal input at 50-60Hz
  • Programmable battery charging current
    • Charges battery capacities from 4 to 80AH
    • FPO150 and FPO250 charge 80AH battery sets 48 hours
    • FPO75 charges 40AH battery sets within 48 hours

Agency Listings

  • UL 294 / UL 603 / UL 1076
  • FCC Part 15, Subpart B
  • CE
  • ULC S318 / ULC S319
  • CSA C22.2 # 205
  • BIS

FPO Common features

  • Full power available at either 12 or 24V setting
  • Listed for Intrusion and Access Control
  • Multiple DC outputs DC1 continuous and DC2 switched
  • FAI control of DC2, with latching feature for Canada
  • Failsafe failsecure programming of DC2
  • Full fault detection and reporting
  • Programmable fault reporting delay function
  • Programmable battery charge current
  • Charges 4 to 40 or 80 Amphours
  • Usage time tracking for battery replacement
  • Short circuit, over temperature, and surge protection
  • 120 / 230VAC operation, 50-60Hz
  • Datalogging of selected parameters

Reliability and Safety

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Microprocessor based charging for increased battery and system reliability
  • Elimination of shock hazards
    • Shrouded AC connector
    • Insulated heatsinks

Product Warranty

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Tools & Software

Excel spreadsheets designed by the LifeSafety Power technical department to aid the installer in required calculations and example configurations of LifeSafety Power equipment when used in commonly found system applications.