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A modern power management system for a typical 8 or 16 door access control system may provide two power supply voltages, one for locks, the other for system power and multiple power distribution or lock control outputs. With a typical system, thrown together from power supplies, distribution boards, and controller boards, the controller and distribution boards must be wired in the cabinet for input and fault.

FlexConnect is factory prewired in such a way that provides for two voltage busses running through the system and each output may be programmed to either buss. The only wires left for the installer to connect are the field wiring, all internal wiring is completed, saving time and money on the jobsite. All of the circuit boards that make up the FlexPower system mount on standard footprints and use common mounting dimensions. All cabinets are pre-punched for snap-in standoffs making field upgrades or expansions a minimum of effort in the field or in the shop.