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Application Notes and Timely Documentation Featured

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application notes

LifeSafety Power provides the latest information for power specs

One of the most important responsibilities of manufacturers is to provide ongoing support and documentation to assist security dealers and integrators in specifying the latest intelligent power networking. LifeSafety Power has a robust website with a variety of information to keep installers up to date – such as downloads, calculators, web training, white papers and application notes.

We have completed newly updated application notes for all the Unified Power Systems, including: Software House by Tyco; Paxton Access; Brivo; AMAG Technology; HID; Mercury; Kantech; Keyscan; and others. These documents provide in-depth examples of wiring required between the power system and the controller, complete with diagrams for optimal connectivity for single- and dual-voltage systems, as well as potential lock power configurations.

These application notes and other collateral is included in the Support dropdown on the home page of the LifeSafety Power website. Other support materials include:

  • Installation manuals
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Calculators
  • Custom product configurations
  • FAQs

The Learning Center also includes short product training modules on the FlexPower® System and NetLink™ Network Communications Module networking; PowerProTV video training; software and firmware downloads; and exclusive white papers showcasing the return on investment for networked power, managed services and remote monitoring.

Of course, we’re always a quick phone call or email away to answer any questions you might have before you specify power or respond to a Request for Proposal. Here’s how to contact our headquarters, distributors of LifeSafety Power solutions, the sales team and product reps in the U.S. and Canada.

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New Mercury Unified Wired™ system and groundbreaking integrations get rave reviews

LifeSafety Power®, a Gold Sponsor of PSA-TEC 2017 in Westminster, Colo., and a Premier Vendor Partner for PSA Security Network generated significant attendee buzz over new intelligent networking solutions and also received awards from the organization during the annual networking and educational event.

The reason for so much excitement over LSP during exhibit hours? New integrations and greater possibilities for proactive power analysis, remote system management, system reliability and cost savings, thanks to key development partnerships with globally specified Authentic Mercury Security controllers, Software House by Tyco CCURE 9000 and the Unified Wired™ Mercury system.LifeSafety Power PSA TEC 2017 booth thank mercury

The Unified Wired system fully and completely integrates power and access control in a pre-wired solution connecting lock and system power to Mercury terminal strips. This equals time and labor savings in the field and expedites physical security access power specifications. In addition, LSP showcased native software integrations with Mercury Security hardware, bringing predictive analytics seamlessly to the Mercury EP controller family. Another native integration, this one with the Software House CCURE 9000 solution was also highlighted during PSA-TEC. This connectivity allows users to receive and centrally manage alerts for comprehensive monitoring and control of the Software House Power Distribution System. Helix Armour™ a new category of DC and now AC redundant power management systems were also on display – emphasizing operational efficiency and the ability to maximize system uptime.

Awards and accolades

LifeSafety Power was honored to receive a Vendor Star Award for outstanding support of the PSA Security Network community and Customer Service Representative Damien January was a nominee and finalist for the Customer Service Individual Excellence Award, recognized by PSA membership for outstanding customer support.

It’s clear that progressive systems integrators recognize the importance of power as the brain and continuity of every system solution as we continue to redefine the product category from static hardware to mission critical device. Stay tuned for new developments in the coming months and as we head to ASIS 2017, September 25 through 28 in Dallas (Booth 1341).

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Unified Wired Systems for Mercury Featured

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If you visited with us at ISC West in April 2017, then you already know that our latest big news is the addition of the Unified Wired line of intelligent power systems.  Unified wired is the next big step in integration between our intelligent managed power systems and the access control panel.  Currently, Unified Wired systems are available for MCLASS (Mercury), with others to quickly follow.

Unified Wired

What is Unified Wired?

As you probably already know, our current Unified Power solutions combine the power system with dedicated  space and predrilled mounting holes for the access control boards.  This eliminates the need for custom drilling and assembling the system in a third party Hoffman or Hammond-style utility enclosure, hanging multiple enclosures, and the associated costs of each.

Our new Unified Wired line takes this concept a step further by having all of the internal wiring for the access control boards pre-done in our factory.  Wiring to the LSP power equipment is complete right to the boards, while wiring to the access control boards ends with the appropriate terminal strip pre-wired and hanging in the proper location.  To complete an installation, all you need to do is hang the enclosure, mount your access control boards, remove the terminal strips from the access control boards, and plug in the provided harnesses.  After that, all that is left is to bring in your field wiring and terminate it at the proper terminals.

What are the benefits?

Obviously, the largest benefit is the savings in time of completing the internal wiring and, as the saying goes - time is money.  The hours saved in drilling holes, wiring boards, and assembling wire bundles inside an enclosure is savings that can be passed along to your end user and your bottom line.

The other major benefit of Unified Wired Systems is consistency between systems, regardless of the office or technician doing the installation.  Every system leaves our factory the same, following our standard quality control procedures ensuring a predictable, working system every time.  Confidence in knowing what is installed saves time in installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

What options are available?

First, the caveat:  because of the nature of this type of product, we aren't able to offer our usual mix-and-match capability for model numbers.  However, we do have a large variety of standard configurations available to cover most any application.  For the currently available Mercury systems, we offer 4, 8, and 16 door systems in single or dual voltage.  The smaller enclosures use tie-wrapped wire bundles, while larger enclosures can use tie-wraps or full Panduit-style wire management.

Additionally, each model is available in one of three configurations:

  • A - EP1502 plus MR52's
  • B - EP2500 plus MR52's
  • C - All MR52's

This allows the installer's choice of controller (System Type A or B), plus the Type C system for expansion of additional doors.  The total number of MR52's is determined by the door count & enclosure size.

When looking at the list of available model numbers, you may notice an "extra" D8P board in all systems.  This additional D8P is prewired for powering the Mercury boards, while leaving the other D8P's to provide one auxiliary output for each door.  Also note that D8P's are used instead of D8's to satisfy the Mercury board requirement of a Class 2 limited power source.

Model Number Format

Model numbering is the same as our current Unified Power systems, with an added suffix at the end to specify the wiring and wire management in the system.  Here is an example model number:

The first part of the number up to the E6M is a standard Unified Power model number.  The suffix breaks down as:

T              Tie Wrap wire management
8              8 Door system
A             "A-type" configuration, which uses one EP1502 and 3 MR52's (See above)

If we order the model with P8-A as the suffix, we get the same system except with Panduit wire management.  As mentioned before, the smaller enclosures do not have a Panduit option due to space limitations within the enclosure.

Unified Wired is available now either direct or through distribution for Mercury-based access control panels.  Follow us on social media and watch this blog for availability of systems for other access panels.  And as always, if you have any questions about Unified Wired or any other technical issue, don't hesitate to contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Thursday, 04 May 2017 16:25

LifeSafety Power: Ready for PSA-TEC 2017! Featured

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LifeSafety Power PSA TEC 2017 Media Kit 600x160px Stop By Our Booth

We’re off to the premier education and networking event for systems integrators and security companies.

LifeSafety Power will be participating in PSA-TEC 2017, May 7-11 in Westminster, Colo., educating attendees on the advantages of proactive network-managed power solutions and demonstrating the new Unified Wired™ Authentic Mercury system and other groundbreaking solutions at A36 during exhibit hours on Wednesday, May 10.

LifeSafety Power is a Gold Sponsor of the event and Premier Vendor Partner for PSA Security Network. On Wednesday, May 10 at 8.m., Vice President Joe Holland will conduct a BICSI-certified course: “LifeSafety Power System Certification,” discussing tangible and attainable recurring monthly revenue from remote services now possible thanks to the new breed of intelligent solutions the company has single-handedly developed for the security and life safety industry.

Focus on networked managed services

Patented proactive analytics from LifeSafety Power also provide enterprise users maximum system uptime and reliability. New functionalities in products will be highlighted from recent partnerships with Mercury Security through a native integration with the Mercury EP controller family and the Software House CCURE 9000 software from Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls.Mercury Security

In addition, LifeSafety Power will demonstrate its Unified Wired™ Mercury systems, a plug-and-play solution that boasts pre-configured and wired access control and power and options for network monitoring services. This solution provides substantial time and labor savings to installers, with infinite possibilities for collecting real-time data analytics.

LifeSafety Power has shifted the paradigm of the power supply industry from a static product to a new category of proactive analytics and performance that adds overall system health and reliability for every customer. Visit LifeSafety Power during PSA-TEC or contact us at (888) 577-2898.

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Monday, 24 April 2017 11:00

LSP Features Intelligent Power at ISC West 2017 Featured

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Record-breaking attendance brings show-goers eager to learn about networking capabilities 

Time to Empower

Predicting – and gathering – data on the analytics of the health of systems solutions was the theme of the LifeSafety Power® booth at ISC West 2017 and the response was overwhelming.

The crowd at the annual security conference was predicted to be the largest ever recorded according to Reed Exhibitions. For LifeSafety Power it was an extremely successful event, and the enthusiasm and understanding of the new value proposition for power in system health, reliability and reporting from intelligent solutions was duly noted by visitors to the booth. 


Proactive analytics propel the power category Mercury Security

We showcased our proactive analytic solutions and breakthroughs in connecting intelligent power management to leading software manufacturers directly through Authentic Mercury Security hardware. LSP’s predictive analytics-based technology solution is now supported through the Mercury EP controller product family. With this native integration, Mercury OEM partners now have the ability to access real-time data, including power system status into the controller for display through their specific graphical user interface, fostering further direct software integrations.

C Cure Software 9000


In addition, we announced a groundbreaking new integration with the Software House CCURE 9000 solution from Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls. Also a native software integration, LifeSafety Power’s intelligent network monitoring modules now allows CCURE 9000 users to receive and centrally manage alerts and notifications through the software, for seamless monitoring and control of Software House power distribution.

These critical integrations are core to current and future technology development as LifeSafety Power continues to provide the industry with the most flexible, predictive and proactive power systems. With real-time data and analytics on the viability of connected solutions, LifeSafety Power ensures maximum uptime and system reliability.  


Other new products unveiled at ISC West included the Unified Wired™ Mercury systems – an intelligent, prewired solution that neatly combines all components for substantial installation savings and Helix Armour, a standout family of DC and now AC redundant power management systems designed to maximize operational efficiency and reduce the risk of system down time or outage.

Unified Wired







2016 Sales Performance Awards

Award As part of our annual sales meeting held in the nearby Venetian, we also presented our 2016 Sales Performance Awards to outstanding individuals and rep firms who helped make 2016 the most exciting year ever in the history of the company. 

Power Pro is awarded to those outstanding individuals who dedicate themselves to understanding our value proposition and who promote our products, services and solutions to their customers day in and day out.

Power Pro Eastern Area—Congratulations to Bob Peach, Owner/Founder of Rep Marketing Solutions Inc., New York/New England

Power Pro Western Area—Congratulations to Jordan Ramadan, Field Sales Osborn Sales Solutions, Pacific Northwest

For Highest Sales Growth in 2016 we congratulate Craig Jones and his team at Tech Sales & Marketing for a tremendous job last year.

Our 2016 Sales Rep of the Year Award goes to a firm of dedicated security industry sales professionals who once again were the top performers for the company.  Congratulations to 1 Volt Associates in the Mid Atlantic region! 

One volt


LifeSafety Power is proud to lead the industry in the development of innovative, intelligent power solutions used in mission critical applications for thousands of customers around the world.

LifeSafety Power is single-handedly changing the paradigm of the power supply industry, evolving into a technology and solutions company focused on delivering exciting, software-based integrated analytics for superior uptime and reliability. Stay tuned for new developments as we head to PSA-TEC, May 7 through 11 in Westminster, Colo., (Booth A36) and ASIS 2017, September 25 through 28 in Dallas (Booth 1341). 

 LSP icon 2017



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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 11:33

LifeSafety Power at ISC West 2017, booth 5097 Featured

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LifeSafety Power is at ISC West 2017 in Las Vegas April 5-7 at booth 5097. Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see, as we continue to innovate the power category and bring it into a new era of predictive analytics and smart system monitoring:


  • LifeSafety Power continues to solidify its partnership with global controller hardware leader Mercury Security, bringing to market a new native firmware integration that effectively connects intelligent power management analytics to leading software manufacturers through Authentic Mercury Security hardware. Read more here:
  • Continuing the Mercury partnership theme, LifeSafety Power has released the new Unified Wired™ Mercury systems. Engineered for easy system set up and configuration, Unified Wired systems pre-wires all lock and system power connections to Authentic Mercury Security terminal strips for quick set up and deployment. Unified Wired systems direct-connect to controllers for reliable panel connection and come in our award-winning modular design for 4-, 8-, or 16-door configurations. Read more here:
  • NetLink V8 and the PowerCom® System Manager offers smart monitoring, reporting and management for connected power solutions. NetLink™ Communications Modules now feature groundbreaking and patented battery management that gives integrators and users predictive tools to automatically manage power solutions and receive alerts in advance of a potential issue for predictive reporting.

Stop by the booth for a demonstration and to see all the continuing innovation that makes LifeSafety Power the highest performing intelligent product and solution provider in the market. If you aren’t attending the show, call LifeSafety Power at 1-888-577-2898 for more information.

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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 14:14

New NetLink Features Added Featured

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The first NetLink firmware release of 2017 is in, and it's a big one.  Version 8.04 has been shipping for about two weeks now and is currently available on the LifeSafety Power website for updating existing NL2 or NL4 boards.  This release contains the usual refinements along with some valuable new features and layout improvements.

multi site mgr

Who can upgrade?

Any NL2 or NL4 currently at version 7.15 or higher can upgrade directly to 8.04.  If your NL2 or NL4 has a version of firmware prior to 7.15 currently installed, you must first install 7.15 before upgrading to 8.04.  The Firmware Downloads page of our website has both 7.15 and 8.04 available for download.  Follow the included instructions for the update procedure.

Note that this update is NOT for the discontinued NL1 board - The final firmware release for the NL1 is 5.21, which is also available for download.

Layout Improvements

The layout of the FPO status pages has been changed for more logical grouping of data and settings with power supply measurements and statistics now at the top of the page, battery information and battery testing in the middle section, and settings at the bottom.  Several other smaller layout adjustments have also been made throughout the GUI.

New Features

Several new features have been added to the Netlink with this release - these new features are immediately available to any NL2 or NL4 after upgrade, with no change in hardware required.

Client ID


A Client ID field has been added in addition to the existing Site ID field for better identifying the system.  The Client ID can be set on the configure page adjacent to the Site ID setting and appears on all screens of the GUI.

Export Fault Data Only


On the home page in the Network Module Dashboard, there is now a checkbox labeled "Fault Data Only".  By checking this box, when history data is viewed or exported from the NetLink, ONLY the fault data will be shown and all data points showing normal operation will be hidden.  This makes it easier to analyze problems by eliminating less relevant data points.

Inadequate Battery Standby Alert


Each FPO page in the NetLink GUI now has a field where you can enter the desired battery standby time.  The NetLink will then compare the battery test results with this value and send an alert if the measured standby time does not meet this minimum requirement.

Password Lockout Delay


Previously, if an incorrect password was entered three consecutive times, the NetLink would lock out the user for 24 hours.  This Password Lockout delay is now able to be changed to several values between 5 minutes and 24 hours.

Import and Export Configuration Files


With Version 8.04, the NetLink now has the ability to export and import configuration files to allow backup of a system configuration, creation of a "standard configuration" for integrators to apply to all systems, or to speed configuration of multiple systems.  The main export function will save all pertinent NetLink, FPO, and M8 settings to the configuration file.

M8 Programming Page


Several improvements have been made to the M8 programming page:

Output Description Added

The Output Descriptions have been added to the programming page, allowing the user to see the programmed name for each output while configuring.

Import/Export Settings

The M8 programming info may be imported and exported separately from the NetLink configuration.  A checkbox to include the Output Descriptions in the export is included.

Automatic Limit Setting

The upper and lower limits for voltage and current for each M8 output is now able to be set automatically with the push of a button.  When the button is pressed, the M8 will activate each output, measure the nominal voltage and current values, then set the upper and lower limits based on the percentages you enter.

Reset Button Functionality

The functionality of the physical hardware reset button on the NetLink has also been changed.  Previously, holding the button for 5 seconds would reset the User Name, Password, and IP settings.  Now with 8.04, holding the reset button for 10 seconds will reset only the User Name and Password, leaving the IP information intact.  To also reset the IP information, hold the reset button for 20 seconds.

We hope you find these upgrades to the NetLink devices useful and welcome your feedback.  If you have any questions on new or existing features, or need any other assistance, our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department is here to help.

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power guy


The category reached new heights, offering intelligence and analytics

What’s new in power? Everything! Here are six trends that benefit the end-user with greater reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

1. Network Migration

Power solutions are no longer static commodity products. They’ve evolved into intelligent networking and management appliances capable of providing detailed analytics and data that aid the end-user in continued uptime and ongoing connectivity. For example, network communications modules with intuitive software and easy to use interfaces, provide predictive analysis, history reports and documentation that keeps solutions healthy and viable for the long haul.

2. Predictive Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if an end-user knew, ahead of time, of impending lock failure or battery fatigue –offering the ability to replace components in a timely manner and maintain system uptime? It’s possible today with proactive power system management and predictive analysis data from networked components. For the end user, being able to budget for new products and services is also a big benefit, as upgrades and new hardware specifications can be figured into monthly operating expenses. With intuitive software and easy user interfaces, end users have at their disposable some of the best predictive tools available.

3. Remote Serviceability

Remote power networking is part of a bigger solution. When integrators don’t have to roll a truck to a site for a system reboot or other servicing issue, that’s a big savings to both installer and end-user customer. Not only is there an ongoing cost savings to the integration business, but the user is assured of greater uptime, connectivity and the possibility of avoiding a major business disruption. Many times a simple system reboot or battery test can be accomplished off-site quickly before any real issues or challenges arise. In addition, ongoing health reports provide a comprehensive history of power activity and proactive statistics on real-time, ongoing system status. Giving customers better service and greater peace of mind is also an end result.

4. Enterprise Lower Total Cost of Ownership

In vast, connected enterprises and campuses, any down time to a system solution can be devastating, costly and unwieldy. As the internet of Things continues to proliferate and 6.4 billion devices are connected to the internet daily, systems solutions will become increasingly co-dependent with all networked parts of the facility, including building automation/management, HVAC and security. Solutions protected properly with intelligent network monitoring ultimately bring more efficient processing and analysis of data, so end users can leverage information to detect risks proactively, react to situations in real time and stay ahead of a potential compromise while also increasing the overall efficiency of deployed safety and security measures. This results in a lower total cost of ownership and more efficient operations and business processes.

5. Cyber Security Enhanced

Everything that rides on the network must be protected from data theft or compromise. Cyber security is the industry’s next challenge and opportunity, and power solutions riding on the network are being created with hardened postures in communications designed to prevent surreptitious takeover. Testing and certifications which validate inherent safeguards in network communications products need to be established and followed. System interfaces, instrumentation and infrastructure safeguards should be designed from the ground up to prevent attacks to networked solutions.

6. Critical Data for Optimizing Solutions

Data and analytics are no longer reserved for video surveillance streams. In fact, every device on the network is capable of yielding important information to the end-user, when designed in an easy-to-use and interpret interface. With server-based systems, users have access to data over time that can be charted to see a trend analysis, making the data useful and highly interactive. Data that simply reports baselines with no history or predictive monitoring isn’t smart or intelligent and ultimately does nothing to better protect the enterprise.

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The Benefits of a Regulated Power Supply Featured

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Did you know something as simple as output voltage can have a dramatic effect on the life of your locks?  All LifeSafety Power FPO power supplies are UL Listed as having a regulated output, extending the life of locks and other connected equipment by reducing heat.  In order to explain how this is possible, we first need to ask...

What Does "Regulated" Mean?

The word "regulated" can have at least two different meanings when talking about power supplies.  These two meanings are very close, with one distinct difference. 

In engineering terms, a regulated power supply is one which has circuitry to hold the output voltage within a small range that is centered around the actual SET output voltage across all line and load conditions.  This window is usually small and given in a +/- percentage (for example:  27.2V +/-5%).  This example power supply can range between 25.8V and 28.6V and still be considered a properly regulated supply.

In the lifesafety industry, UL defines a regulated output as +10%/-15% of the NOMINAL voltage.  In this case, the power supply set for 27.2V is considered to be a 24V power supply.  Given the +10%/-15% requirement on this 24V nominal voltage, this translates to an acceptable voltage range of 20.4V-26.4V.  In this case, the 27.2V power supply is NOT considered to be regulated by UL, even if that voltage doesn't change at all under any line or load conditions.

As you can see, the subtle difference between set voltage and nominal voltage makes a significant difference in what is considered regulated.  From a strictly electronic engineering standpoint, essentially every DC power supply in the industry today is regulated - however from UL's perspective, very few are considered regulated.  For the remainder of this discussion, "regulated" refers to the UL definition.

How Does a Regulated Supply Help My Locks?

So how does this lower voltage range extend the life of a magnetic lock such as a maglock or door strike?  Simply by reducing heat.  Lowering the voltage used to power the lock greatly reduces the heat generated within the lock and is recommended by most lock manufacturers.  Excessive heat within the lock can cause the windings to break down prematurely and can also cause mechanical failures due to expansion or swelling of internal components.  Minimizing heat is especially critical in warmer climates, where it is not uncommon for a strike to "jam" up due to heating effects of the higher voltage coupled with strong afternoon sunlight or higher ambient temperatures.

Can't I Just Adjust the Voltage Down?

Many "Brand X" power supplies do have an adjustable output voltage allowing a wide adjustment range.  While it's true that the output can probably be adjusted to a low enough voltage to protect your locks on these supplies, the problem then comes in properly charging batteries.

A non-regulated power supply has a single regulator and uses the output voltage to also charge the batteries, usually through a current limiting device like a PTC (which has its own set of problems).  This is done by many manufacturers to save the cost of an independent battery charging circuit.  The problem is that whatever the output voltage is set for is also what is applied to the batteries - so if you set your output for 25VDC, your battery charging voltage will also be only 25V, which is far too low to charge a 24V lead-acid/gel cell battery set.  Increase the output voltage to the recommended 27.2V to charge the batteries and you are now applying excessive voltage to the locks.

So What is the Solution?

LifeSafety Power has gone the extra mile to provide an independent charging circuit on all of our DC power supplies.  This allows the main output voltage to be set for 25V to power your locks and other equipment while a separate regulator charges the battery at the proper 27.2V nominal voltage.  This also has other benefits, such as the battery charging current not reducing output current capability, a stable output voltage during battery recharge, larger battery capacity, and optimized battery charging (so not only do your batteries charge properly, they also charge faster).

The output voltage setting of 25V was chosen as a balance between being low enough to minimize excessive heat while also being high enough to provide a small overhead for overcoming a reasonable voltage drop in the wiring to the powered device.  At the 12V setting, the output voltage is set for 12.5V.

Hopefully you now have a clearer understanding of what "regulated" means, how it can help you, and yet another benefit of LifeSafety Power.  If you have any questions on this topic or need any other assistance, our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it department is here to help.

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Friday, 30 December 2016 10:21

Happy New Year! Featured

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christmas 1862863 960 720

Thanks for a great 2016!

As 2016 draws to a close and we prepare for greater successes in 2017, LifeSafety Power® wants to sincerely thank our security industry colleagues and technology partners who helped us carve a new category in intelligent networked power management.

Thanks to you, it’s been a great year, as we’ve raised awareness of the critical data that can be collected from networked power communications and announced new, exciting partnerships with more high-level manufacturers and technology providers. We’ve worked with the best sales representatives, consultants, systems integrators and other key collaborators – and it shows in all we’ve accomplished together.

New Year—New Innovation

Our team is dedicated to innovation. We’ve been working non-stop on new solutions to take power to yet another level – with the kind of data, ease of use and controls that benefit the installer with additional managed services opportunities while giving the end-user intuitive interfaces and greater connectivity. In 2017, we’ll show the industry additional ways, through product, software and communications, to further strengthen the value proposition of power.

Look for our 2017 catalog coming shortly and as always, reach out to us at 888-577-2898 with questions, comments or suggestions. The future is in all our hands!

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